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Gambling is one of the most thrilling activities for people of all demographics – from old and young to rich and poor, they all share the same enthusiasm for casino games. But unlike us, regular people, celebrities are ordinarily exceptionally prosperous which allows them to play quite large stakes games and risk much money more than average people. Back in the day, these celebrities used to bet at VIP casinos that were reserved only for the wealthiest. But nowadays, many of them have turned to online casinos that allow them to experience the same thrill as brick-and-mortar casinos can offer, but with much more convenience and privacy, among other things. If you too are intrigued by gambling online, check out the best new casinos 2021 has bestowed upon us. Now, you must be curious about who are those celebrities who love casinos and gambling, so without further ado, we’ll unveil them to all our readers. 

Ben Affleck

This two-time Oscar-winner superstar, most famous for his roles in “Good Will Hunting”, “Justice League”, and many other Hollywood blockbusters is a prominent poker player. He has played many tournaments and even won some of them, but unfortunately for him, this has led to a gambling problem for which he went into rehab after he lost huge sums of money on poker. Other than poker, blackjack is one of his favorite casino games as well. Ben Affleck wasn’t always interested in profiting from poker, and he hosted the charity tournament and raised over $1.7 million with the help of his celeb friends. He’s also well-known for leaving generous tips for casino employees and being down to earth.

Pamela Anderson

Regarded by many as a sex symbol due to her role in Baywatch and many features in Playboy magazines, Pamela Anderson was addicted to gambling which she openly revealed. Her preferred casino game is poker, on which she lost more than $250,000 while playing against Rick Solomon, with whom she got married after that game of poker. 

50 Cent

AUCKLAND, NEW ZEALAND – NOVEMBER 17: 50 Cent performs during Friday James Live 2019 at Western Springs Stadium on November 17, 2019 in Auckland, New Zealand. (Photo by Dave Simpson/WireImage)

Curtis James Jackson III, or globally recognized 50 Cent is one of the most famous Hip Hop artists that appeared in the 2000s. His popularity allowed him to accumulate plenty of wealth, and in turn, he placed huge bets and enjoy gambling the way he wanted. But unlike other celebrities who enjoy casino games, 50 Cent is famous for his passion for sports betting. He was very fortunate to win some huge sums of money because of that, but his two wins are legendary. He placed a $2 million bet on Floyd Mayweather winning against Manny Pacquiao and San Francisco 49ers against NY Giants and won both of them. 

Jennifer Tilly

This actress has multiple talents, and playing poker is certainly one of them. Her passion for poker allowed her to become one of the best female poker players around the world, and she has won many tournaments including the World Series of Poker. In the years following those wins, she retired from poker but eventually came back and won almost $1 million in her poker career. 

Michael Jordan

CHICAGO, IL – MARCH 16: Michael Jordan #23 of the Chicago Bulls looks on during the game against the New Jersey Nets on March 16, 1998 at the United Center in Chicago, Illinois. NOTE TO USER: User expressly acknowledges and agrees that, by downloading and/or using this photograph, user is consenting to the terms and conditions of the Getty Images License Agreement. Mandatory Copyright Notice: Copyright 1998 NBAE (Photo by Scott Cunningham/NBAE via Getty Images)

One of the most outstanding basketball players in history, Michael Jordan was very competitive in basketball courts and casinos. But unlike other celebrities, his gambling ventures were documented, particularly since he placed insane bets on anything he imagined. One of the most famous ones is betting $300,000 on a single hole of golf (which he lost) or betting on trivial things like whether his luggage will be the first to arrive at the airport. There is a conspiracy that says that the reason for his first NBA retirement was his gambling addiction, but this hasn’t been confirmed.

Paris Hilton

This businesswoman, media personality, model, and DJ (among many other things) is a regular guest of some of the most extravagant Las Vegas and Atlantic City casinos and often plays online casino games, because she follows the trends. Her enthusiasm for gambling started at age of 19 when she played the high stakes underground New York poker games, and over time, this passion has increased as she started to gamble on more games like blackjack or roulette.


So there you go, these were some of the many celebrities that enjoy gambling. Of course, many superstars couldn’t make the list, because this post would become the biggest one in history. Fortunately, there is no need to be a celebrity to gamble, and many of these figures are solely playing online casino games nowadays. Who knows, there is always a chance that you can play against some of them.

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