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Sin Slayers is a Dark fantasy RPG developed by Goonswarm games and it’s currently live on Kickstarter as of April 4th under the publishing label of Black Tower Entertainment. Goonswarm has been working feverishly on the game for over two years, and already have a working Alpha version. With additional Kickstarter funds, the developers will be able to improve the game with more characters and locations, new gameplay mechanics, and to expand the story and increase the game’s overall length.

The base pledge goal is $25,000. The game has already garnered $3,593 out of the $25K goal with 28 days remaining on the clock.

Sin Slayers is a dark RPG set in a treacherous underworld. The player will need to create, equip and lead a team of heroes, each with their own pros and cons that you must incorporate into your strategy. To escape your doom, you must slay seven Sin Lords. Fight in JRPG-inspired turn-based combat and explore a roguelike world, thanks to randomly generated maps and encounters and the varying difficulty of every playthrough.

“Sin Slayers is a passion project for our team. Players already love our game, but we want to go even further and hit every goal to create our dream project”, says Lead Game Designer Pavel Shestakov.

Sin Slayers was an Indie Prize Finalist at Casual Connect Serbia 2018 and is planned to release on every modern game platform.


Sin Slayers is set in a world between worlds, the Valley of the Fallen Sinners, where our heroes have been imprisoned after their deaths. To return to the world of the living they will need to travel seven cursed lands, slay the seven Sin Lords, and destroy the seven magical seals. Wander through primeval forests, boneyards filled with crypts and the graves of fallen warriors, and other damned regions that will test even the bravest heart.

Randomly generated locations:

Random level generation means tons of replayability. Every location will be different every time you play, allowing players to make new discoveries with each playthrough.

Every location has its own curse that directly impacts gameplay. For example, in the Forest of Gluttony eating will raise the sinfulness of your squad. In the Village of Envy, players won’t be able to earn souls if their sinfulness score isn’t high enough.


The game has 10 playable characters, but with a successful Kickstarter, that number can climb higher. Every character has their own unique set of skills and abilities. Your vanguard will always consist of 3 units, with the others remaining behind to protect the Old Church. Players must carefully consider who they wish to bring to the fight based on the strengths and weaknesses of the next boss, the specific curse of the current location, and their own personal playstyle.


Your action and decisions along the way drive the “Sin-o-meter” of your team. If your sin-o-meter score is high, expect tougher monsters but also better loot. If you want to keep things easy, make sure your sins are few.

Combat system

Sin Slayers’ turn-based combat system is built upon tactical decisions and team management. Every hero has unique combat skills and abilities, and only three will be available as you battle the underworld’s demonic hordes. The Priestess can heal her team, the Defender can shield the fragile Huntress and Priestess, and the Warrior can deal out punishing amounts of damage.

Main Features

  • 3 game modes: Explore 7 locations full of secrets and artifacts; watch for traps; defeat strong and skillful mobs; and test your might in numerous arena battles.
  • Unique in-game action evaluation system – ‘Sinmeter’: consider your actions carefully, as the locals will never forgive your mistakes. As your Sinmeter increases, mobs become stronger and your potential to earn additional loot increases.
  • Randomly generated maps with various events and encounters: get ready for surprises, riddles, and mysteries on every step of your grim trek through the Valley.
  • Game regions with individual events, game settings, and bosses: explore the Valley of Fallen Sinners and learn the unique abilities of both your heroes and enemies. Knowledge of enemies and the game world can raise your chances to prevail.
  • 10 heroes to build up your team and individual skillsets: choose your characters and equipment, change up your range of abilities and magic skills. The strategies you choose will determine the outcome of the final battle.
  • Turn-based combat, JRPG style: will test the might of heroes in the battle against hundreds of dreadful fiends.
  • Additional quests: Apart from defeating the relentless mobs, game results will depend on your readiness to aid strange characters asking for your help, and mystical creatures with weird requests along the way.


On release: PC/MacOS X/Linux
TBA: PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch
TBD: iOS and Android

You can find more information about the setting, character classes, stretch goals and the likes in the official Kickstarter page.

About the developers:

Sin Slayers is being developed by Goonswarm, Russia. Each team member has a plethora of games development experience. Teams they have worked for in the past include: GD-Team, Gaijin Entertainment, and Game Insight.

Black Tower Entertainment is a game publisher specializing in oldschool projects with RTS or RPG elements.

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