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Baidai Namco’s action RPG game, Dark Souls 3, is YouTube Gaming’s top trend in April. This is based both on views and the number of creators.

Microsoft’s time bender, Quantum Break, is at second place, while indie hit Enter the Gungeon, baseball title MLB The Show 16 and PS4 exclusive Ratchet & Clank at third, fourth and five position respectively.

Previously, the first spot was dominated by The Division, however, surprisingly, Dark Souls 3 was still able to manage in the top five then.

YouTube noted that:

While betas are supposed to exist to help developers balance games and find bugs before release, this shows how they’ve also become effective marketing tools. Even if everyone isn’t playing the beta, they’re still watching those that are via sites like YouTube and Twitch.

Here’s the infograph at its entirety:

Source: MCV

Thanks, MCV.

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