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Indie game developer Hairbrained Schemes releases Shadowrun: Hong Kong – Extended Edition, a ‘definitive version’ of their third standalone game in the Shadowrun RPG series, Shadowrun: Hong Kong.

The Extented Edition adds the all-new, 6+ hours long Shadowrun Hong Kong Bonus Campaign. The Bonus Campaign is set in the weeks following the events of the main campaign, the Shadows of Hong Kong Bonus Campaign will give you – and your team – the opportunity to turn the tables on the elite corporate police force that once hunted you. It will also adds Developer Audio commentary of about 100 minutes to the game and some improvements like – new visual effects, updated dialogue and editor features(for user-generated content).

Shadowrun: Hong Kong – Extended Edition is currently available on Steam at 50% discount[Standard Edition] and priced at $9.99(approx 678 INR). The owners of any version of the game will be upgraded to Extended Edition for FREE.

Alongside, a Deluxe Edition, which includes the original soundtrack and the Art of Shadowrun: Hong Kong PDF book, is priced at $14.99(approx 1,018 INR) and Shadowrun Triple Pack is also on sale at 50% discount as a part of Steam Lunar Sale.

Buy it on Steam

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