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Oh boy!! Now it looks like Lawbreakers is a becoming part of the subset of games whose players have to wait much longer to get into matches. This inevitably leads to many of them dropping it

Largely thanks to Cliff Bleszinski’s negative comments on Twitter where he stated that “you should play Overwatch if you love getting one shotted in games

The game’s Steam Charts page shows a steady decline of the number of concurrent players to 48 players playing a 29min ago. Even when it managed to attract a higher number during peak hours, they were still very low.

Although low player numbers don’t necessarily mean a dead game,  This inevitably leads to many of them dropping it. Boss Key did not reveal PS4 numbers, but they’re likely higher than this.

Perhaps a free weekend could make things interesting, as the game is genuinely worth playing as even though there is more content to come to Lawbreakers as the question stands, will there be any players left to download that content?

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