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Square Enix’s Seiken Densetsu Twitter page recently announced that the first three Seiken Densetsu games (known as the Mana series outside of Japan) will be arriving on the Switch in the form of a bundle. The collection includes: Final Fantasy Adventure (the first Mana game, also acting as a Final Fantasy spinoff, originally released on the Gameboy Color), Secret Of Mana (the much beloved Super NES action RPG) and Seiken Densetsu 3 (also a Super NES title and sequel to Secret Of Mana, it was a Japan-exclusive game).

The collection also has additional features like Quick Save (to save anywhere) and Music Mode (allowing users to listen to the games music tracks from the home screen). There is also a Seiken Densetsu 1 exclusive feature that allows changing of the screen size while Seiken Densetsu 2 and 3 will support multiplayer upto 3 players.

While there is no confirmation of a worldwide release, players can still import and play the Japanese copy (which costs 4,800 Yen) on their Switch since the system is region-free.

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