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2016 already has a huge lineup of games on all platforms, but it looks like PC is going to have an even better year with some of the console exclusive Sega games coming to PC. Sega has recently been entering into the PC market, by releasing games like Valkyria Chronicles, which was quite a good port and sold well on PC.


PC gamers have a lot to look forward to, with games like Yakuza and Resonance of Fate rumored to be coming to PC. But we personally are more excited at the prospect of seeing the game, Vanquish on PC. You must have heard of the game and we have also marked it as one of the most underrated games. The game had released back in 2010 and didn’t have much of marketing and also lacked a decent fanbase to gain sales’ traction. Overall the game was great with fast paced gameplay, gorgeous grapics and a decent storyline. One shortcoming was that the game was not very lengthy and also lacked a multiplayer mode. Many people would not consider buying such a game on day one for full price, but well, for all the PC gamers out there, you should definitely pick this game up if and when this game comes to PC. The game is worth checking out.


Other games that are rumored to be coming out are- Hatsune Miku: Project Diva franchise, Virtua Fighter 5 and Valkyria: Azure Revolution. What do you think about the above games? Do you think that Sega will get a better response by porting it’s old games to PC? Would you consider buying the games? Let us know in the comments below. Till then, Keep Gaming.

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