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Midwinter Entertainment has released the first inside look at its forthcoming survival experience, Scavengers. It had been a long time since we heard about Scavengers, the free-to-play PvPvE shooter.

The trailer shows how you will team up with a group of other players to try and survive a harsh frozen wasteland by collecting food, staying warm, and keeping other groups off your back to be the last ones standing.

The game is heading towards a Closed Alpha and Closed Beta in 2020, which you can sign up on their website. A Scavengers technical playtest will be held on the weekend of September 18-20. You can learn how to access the playtest via a FAQ section on the game’s website.

The game got a brand new official site as well. Lastly, Scavengers is coming to PC and current-gen consoles 2021.

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