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RUMOR – Red Dead Redemption 2 PC Port Incoming; Likely to be an Epic Store Exclusive

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The popular sequel to Rockstar Games’ Red Dead Redemption might make its way to the PC soon. A leak from a 4chan user states that the game will be announced for the PC on April 22 as an Epic Store exclusive, with the game getting an official release on July 19. The leak also mentions that unlike the recent games signed by Epic Games as timed exclusives, Red Dead Redemption 2 is likely to be a permanent exclusive, allowing Rockstar’s parent Take Two Interactive to draw maximum profit from the sale of the game and DLC on the platform.

Image courtesy : OC3D.

Take Two’s business plans of delaying ports has been around since the times of Grand Theft Auto 4. Even Grand Theft Auto 5 came out almost two years after its official release on previous generation consoles. Since the leaks come from 4chan, take it with a grain (or in fact, a mountain) of salt. However, 4chan has been the place for appropriate leaks in the past, so there might be a fraction of truth in the statement.

Epic Games has been moving the market with its exclusive deals, with Borderlands 3 being the latest to approach the new storefront. Quantic Dreams’ games Detroit : Become Human, Heavy Rain and Beyond Two Souls, which were supposedly PlayStation exclusives, will also make their way into the PC via the Epic Store.

While the rumor might not come down to nothing at all, it is exciting to sit and speculate about a PC port of one of the most anticipated and well received titles of 2018. We ourselves say that it “puts you into the shoes of a cowboy, and nothing comes close to doing it better” in our review.

Thanks, OC3D.

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