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Developer AtomTeam revealed a tonne of new info on Trudograd, the upcoming expansion to their acclaimed CRPG ATOM. This time, the team has shed light on two distinct topics: skill tree and weapon mods.

Skill Tree

The skill tree went through significant changes due to player request. In Trudograd, the skill tree is segmented into categories and has much more skills for every type of play. You won’t have to pick something you don’t want, just to get to something you do want to learn, anymore.

The skill point system has also changed. Before, each new skill was 1 point more expensive than the previous, and this was critiqued by the fans a lot. Now all skills are distributed amongst four price tiers. All starting skills have the price of 1 point, and the most powerful ones – 4.

Weapon mods

When compared to the original Atom RPG, Trudograd will feature ways to modify any tool of destruction, be it a melee weapon or a firearm. Some weapon modifications will be found by players in the game world, and some will have to be created with our newly updated crafting system. Each modification will have both pros and cons, as well as specific strategic value in some combat situations and for some playstyles.

The complete explanation of the new features can be found here: https://steamcommunity.com/games/552620/announcements/detail/2103684893099852795

Expect more updates soon!

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