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If you couldn’t do your part for flood-ravaged Kerala, then now’s the perfect chance, that too through a medium you know and love! Rocket League India’s Charity Cup aims to raise funds from the community, all of which will be donated for the welfare of the people in Kerala, which had been at the receiving end of a devastating flood.

The stream goes live tomorrow (September 2,2018) from 3 pm with 3v3 being the chosen format for the stream. Eminent members of the Rocket League Indian community will be casting the game, and will be selecting players from the audience. Once a certain donation goal is reached, rewards from SubParButInHD and JHZER will be given away. This includes a mug signed by the mighty JHZER himself!

Tune in to the stream, join the stream, and be sure to donate to your heart’s content! The primary donation platform is Matcherino, but people are free to send PayTM donations if they so wish, click screenshots of the same, and share it on the stream to get a free callout.

If that isn’t incentive enough to watch the big guys play soccer with toy cars, then be assured – JHZER and SubParButInHD will themselves be present on the stream. Be sure to tune in, play, have fun, and while you’re at it, help the guys reach their donation goal of 2000$.

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