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AVerMedia Technologies, Inc., the preeminent name in digital multimedia technology, will be participating in the upcoming Gamer connect event which will be held at Koramangala Indoor Stadium, Bangalore, India on 15th & 16th December 2018. From past couple of years the event has gained a lot of reputation amongst the gaming fanatics and it has become a platform for brands to interact, bond and get feedback from the gaming community. At the event AVerMedia will be showcasing its new range of products showcase some live streaming innovative products like AM310 and GC550.

Today, eSports is the entertainment of choice and an aspiration for youth and millennials. There are more than 2.3 billion gamers worldwide, and 71 percent of millennials are proud to call themselves gamers. The global eSports audience is expected to reach 276 million by 2022, and eSports itself is projected to be a billion-dollar industry by next year. So do not miss the chance to participate in the most impactful gaming event of 2018 that will see participation from all industry veterans, please register on this link now: here

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