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Pre-registration for the brand-new Archer class coming to Black Desert Online opens today. Adventurers all over the world will be able to play the new character in-game on December 12.

The Archer, a descendant of Sylvia and protector of Adùir, a realm beyond existence that lies underneath the sacred tree Kamasylve, is bringing an advanced new type of action to Black Desert Online. The agile Archer uses the Crossbow as his main weapon and the Ra’ghon as his sub-weapon to inflict major damage on his enemies from afar. Not only that, various magic skills aid the Archer during combat, and coupled with his ability to attack from a great distance, the Archer can take on many opponents at a time.

For Adventurers that pre-register for the Archer class from December 5 to 12, before maintenance, the game is giving away free Character Slot Expansion Coupons, Blessings of Kamasylve (7 Days) and more. Also during this period, Adventurers can sign up and customize their Archer character in advance to receive free in-game items such as Asula’s Accessory Boxes, Inventory +8 Expansion Coupons and Advice of Valks (+20).

Besides the sweet giveaways, Adventurers can take part in a screenshot contest by taking a screenshot of their customized Archer, posting the image on their Facebook accounts and sharing the link on the official Black Desert Online SEA website under Screenshots/Clips. Twenty lucky winners will win one of two exclusive items.

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