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RTS, 4X Strategy and God Sim hybrid ‘Driftland: The Magic Revival’ will release on April 18th

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Developer Stardrifter has announced that Driftland: The Magic Revival, the unique mix of an RTS, 4X strategy and god-sim will be leaving Early Access on April 18. Even before its release, Driftland was awarded titles of a Best PC Game at Barcelona Games World and Best Indie Game at Poznań Game Arena. It was also showcased on multiple trade events such as PAX West, Nordic Game Conference, and Game Developers Session.

“We can’t wait for the release”, says Michał Sokolski, creator and co-founder of Star Drifters. “During the four years of the game’s development and over a year of Early Access we have grown very close to our community. It is because of our community’s engagement the game has gained so much and will continue to evolve – especially now, when it will shortly gain a multiplayer mode.”

The full version of the game will feature:
  • Skirmish mode in which players can set their own rules
  • Three single-player campaigns – individual, but interweaving stories of Humans, Dwarfs and Dark Elves
  • A multiplayer mode for 2-6 players
Shortly after the release, all owners of Driftland: The Magic Revival will receive an update containing the fourth campaign of the Wild Elves.

Around a week before its release date, Driftland: The Magic Revival will be available in full price $29,99 (€24,99). Until then it can be still obtained for the Early Access price.

”It’s a step towards the players who decided to support us during the Early Access phase and who believed that we will deliver a game that will meet their expectations. They will gain access to the full contents of the game at a lower price”, explains Michał Sokolski. “On the other hand, as it was stated earlier, the release date price will be higher, due to the fact that the game will be a full and complete production. We are giving a heads-up to everyone interested, who would like to join the Driftland community before its official release.”

Driftland is a unique fusion of RTS, 4X strategy, and god sim genres in a fantasy world made up of scattered planet. Player takes on the role of a powerful mage-ruler capable of moving and reshaping parts of the planet. Both game mechanics and history are based on an innovative concept of dynamic topography and issuing orders to individuals with free will.


  • Build a kingdom you want to rule – city building and upgrades of buildings, expanding their capabilities – economic, military or magical power
  • Dynamic topography – Move and terraform floating islands of the shattered planet
  • Get to know the rich lore – 4 different races with unique skills, each one speaking their own language. 4 points of view on the Driftland’s story. One player to bring them all and in the darkness bind… oh, you know the drill.
  • Many paths of progress – Economy, Warfare, and Magic upgrades purchased for progress points
  • Economy is the key – Resources, population, and magic-based economy
  • Don’t forget about the diplomacy – Reputation system, alliances, wars and everything in between
  • Face various victory conditions – Extermination, Domination, Expansion
  • Give your citizens the orders – Setting goals instead of micro-managing of the units
  • Development of units – Units have names, gain EXP, level up, and unique skills
  • Flying units – Enhancing units by taming and bonding them with flying beasts incl. dragons or build Dwarven aerial machines
  • Game Modes – Skirmish, 4 intertwining Campaigns, and Multiplayer
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