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Video Games Deluxe, the developers of the famous VR edition of the game LA Noire, have recently updated eager fans about their upcoming project on their LinkedIn handle. They announced that they are working with Rockstar on a new ‘AAA’ VR game.

Many speculators over at Twitter and Reddit have suggested that the AAA title is none other than GTA: VR itself, but considering the need for new employees and their claim of this being a big project, it can be a new title itself. Conventionally, most AAA titles take around 4 years to make and in 2 years their teasers are released. However, this being a VR game, a niche platform, the game might be smaller in scope and could come out earlier than we expect.

If we pay close attention to the need of new engine programmers and designers, it might just very well be a new franchise or IP that Rockstar games would come up with since Rockstar, as per media reports, have no other games planned for release in the near future other than GTA 6.

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