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The Second Chapter of Pirate Software’s eagerly anticipated role-playing game Heartbound is set to launch this December 28th on PC for Windows and Linux.

Following on from the incredibly successful demo, the second chapter in Heartbound’s story will be released on December 28th, with players finally getting into the meat of Lore and Baron’s story. On this Game Director Thor Hall said:

In December we will be launching the next chapter of Heartbound and releasing the game into Early Access on Steam. New characters, new world to explore, even more advanced sadness.”

This will also mark the continuation of the ongoing Heartbound ARG, of which Thor simply stated:
“What’s an ARG I’ve never heard of such a thing. You’ll never prove anything.”

As always, the Pirate Software team will continue to stream the development of Heartbound live on Twitch seven days a week and are happy to answer any questions on the project.

Heartbound is an upcoming role-playing video game being developed by American indie developer Pirate Software. The game centers around a boy who deals with depression, anxiety, and fear as he embarks on a journey through different locations in search of his dog, Baron. The narrative changes with different pathways and endings depending on how the player interacts with the environment, other characters, and combat system. Each choice or interaction has the potential to change the game by adding dialog, encounters, or interactive objects to the world.

For more information please check the official Heartbound site here.

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