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Rocket League India, the largest community organisation for Rocket League in India and the most well recognized worldwide from Asia, have announced the 7th Edition of their Community Cup Series, a 3v3 tournament open to all players residing in and outside India. The 7th edition of the Community Cup Series, which has been supported immensely by players across the country, is all set to begin on 8th of December.

The RLI community is mostly self funded with some financial support from PlayX and NovaPlay in the past. After partnering and getting affiliated by Discord and Twitch, the community witnessed an exponential growth, with extensive Graphic animations and advertising taking place for their upcoming tournament. Moreover they got promoted on Rocket League Garage, a discord server having 40,000 + members. The RLI community’s popularity witnessed a further boost as they got recognized by staff members from Psyonix itself and some professional players like Jhzer posted about them.

The RLI CC7 tournament will be held from 8-10 December 2017 from 7:30 PM onwards. There is an expected concurrent audience of 70 + viewers. It has been increasing with every Community Cup so far, started with 13, followed by 25 and 33. The tourney is spread across 3 days whose schedule is depicted in the picture below:

Interested team can register via the link provided below :


Players who are looking for a team, can head on to the community’s discord server, which is highly active, boasting a community of around 1k members. The discord link can be found below:


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