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Rocket League is a great game, no 2 ways about it. The game started off as a PS4 exclusive, but was so popular that it soon moved to the PC, and was recently launched on the Xbox One. Recently Psyonix (devs behind Rocket League) announced that the game had 15 million unique players. Not bad for a game which started as a PS Plus free game.

Following the immense success of Rocket League, the developers Psyonix decided to publish a retail copy for the consoles in India on June 24th. Apart from the fact that the game now comes in a DISC, very few things change about the game. Its still super-fun, still extremely well balanced and still one of the best multiplayer games out there. Though the retail copy does suffer from not having the complete content.

Rocket League Collector’s Edition

Detailed Review

(-) A Little Shy on Content

The Rocket League Collector’s Edition as it is called has the base game, the 2 new modes, all the previously released venues and 6 extra cars. Plus 4 more cars as a timed exclusive if you buy the game before July 18. It does not however contain any of the other DLCs (Batman Vs. Superman, Back to the Future), so technically it’s not really the complete collection. It would have really made sense if the game had come out with all the earlier released DLC as well, which would have made the edition, a true collection.

2 of the NEO Tokyo edition cars which are a part of the Collector's Edition
2 of the NEO Tokyo edition cars which are a part of the Collector’s Edition

(+) Soccar, Hockey And Basketball…ohh YEAH

Rocket League involves players divided into 2 teams controlling cars in a huge stadium trying to navigate a huge bouncy ball into the opponent’s goal. The bouncy and loopy physics of the game makes the game even crazier than it sounds, and the team with the higher goals after the time limit wins.


Different cars are little more than skins in the game, as they provide no kind of boost or upgrade to any skill which can be used in the game. This makes the game highly dependent on the skill of the user itself, and prompts players to try out different skins instead of focusing on a closed section of options. Infact one of our writers thought that Rocket League capture the essence of Football better than FIFA itself.

3 modes from the game are present and available right from the bat. The classic SOCCAR mode (Soccer+Car), the novelty Hockey mode (which turns the football into a puck and changes the entire dynamic of hitting it into a goal), and then the ultra-popular Basketball mode, in which you have to put the ball through hoops instead of goals.


(+) Venues to go, Goals to score

While Rocket League has focused on selling different DLCs for cars, they have implemented an open source policy as far as venues are concerned. All the venues are open to every player of Rocket League, irrespective of whether they bought any of the future DLC. Its a good thing too, because Rocket League has a variety of venues. From Underpass which is a 3 tiered football stadium, to Double Goal, which provide 2 goals per team instead of the standard one.



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