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Rocket League Asian Open finally draws to a close, crowning ReaLize, Lime, Ara, Tenhou as the winners and awarding them a majority of the 500$ prize pool of the tournament. The tournament featured some tough competition from Kanra, Shaolon, Nemoto and Hage0yazi, who came as the first runner up, and JarelNaden, Ayro14 and EPIIC, who came as the second runner up. Ate Gaming and Team Reckoning will also be forming their eSports team for Rocket League from the Indian teams which participated in the tournament.

The Rocket League Asian Open marks the pinnacle of community participation in esports. Featuring a concurrent viewership of 4000 views, besides a record viewership of 300,000 viewership on the Rocket League India official Twitch channel, where the tournament was hosted. The game saw some spectacular plays from all teams, and was a jaw-dropping experience for the viewers.

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