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Rocket League is one of most organized competitive video games in the Indian subcontinent. It is indeed a miracle, how the small community managed to find a way to market the video game they loved, so that sponsors and organizers in the country eventually found interest in it. Now, with the incoming Rocket League Asian Open, a tournament organized by the Rocket League Indian community, the prize for the winner is a pretty decent one. Not only will you be able to seek your portion of the $500 prize pool for the event, you also get to play as part of Ate Gaming, one of the first esports organizations in the country.

Ate Gaming’s desire to hire a professional Rocket League squad can mean a change in the fortunes of the many players of the game. So far, the Indian subcontinent did not feature big organizations playing in the Rocket League tournaments, but this might mean more investment in the development of the game as an esport.

Ate Gaming’s owner, Sagar “lOvEsx” Vyas, said Rocket League was a fun video game with huge competitive potential,but have been overshadowed by other competitive games in the Indian subcontinent. By entering the scene first, Ate Gaming wants to ensure organizers make future tournaments viable,sporting big prize pools like other developed esports like CSGO and DOTA 2. The courage to enter the scene first is indeed commendable, and is always a risk – and organizations looking into it is always a welcome sight.

With only 3 days left for the Rocket League Asian Open to start, the only way you can get yourself a shot at the prize, is by having the skills to outlast others in the game, and by registering yourself here.

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