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If you regret buying games you never spend time on (and let’s be honest, 90% of the games in our Steam libraries have zero hours in them), then you must realize the need of a refund system where you get to refund games after you spend quite some hours in them, and form a decent opinion about the game. Keep the games you want, and cycle the games you don’t want back to the service. That’s what Robot Cache is for..

Robot Cache is a blockchain based game distribution that works just like Steam, Origin, Uplay, with a slight twist. It uses a “decentralized” blockchain system to determine ownership of video games on the service. The biggest advantage is that players need not retain games they no longer want to own. You can sell them, if you don’t feel that the game is good, and get back upto 25% of the cost of the game in IRON, a cryptocurrency devised by Robot Cache itself for transactions in the marketplace. Moreover, publishers get to retain upto 95% of the sale value for new games. If they decide to fix the price of resale, they get to retain upto 70% of the sale value of new games.

If the “rental contract” based system of Robot Cache isn’t unique enough, then the company is introducing a new cryptocurrency called IRON, which can be earned either by game resales, or by mining. Yes, the client on the player’s PC allows them to mine IRON, which can be used for buying games or cashing out later. You also earn IRON when certain achievements are received, or milestone are reached. IRON is based on the more popular cryptocurrency Ethereum’s ERC-20 standard.

We’ve seen video games, we’ve seen cryptocurrency. But a combination of the two? That’s innovation.

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