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This year in E3 as well as Gamescom the latest Assassins Creed’s game was shown. Here at Indiannoob we are compiling everything that has come out and placing it with other games in the franchise and trying to make sense of this strayed title. Be advised its done by a fan of the first 2 Assassin’s Creed. You have been warned.


The talking point here is that there are two playable characters and they are siblings. So there we could be seeing some variation in gameplay. Both have different set of skills and can upgrade their respective skills by levelling up and gaining skill points. The male protagonist is more focused on combat skills whereas the female protagonist is good at stealth. The stealth skills may prove to be pretty intriguing. For example, in the latest gameplay, the female protagonist has a skill in which she can completely disappear from sight unless you get very very close. Firstly I’d have preferred that they made it more practical or realistic skill so that it doesn’t become awkward. And the second most concerning part is that, what is the point of having two characters each having different abilities and only one of them having the special stealth techniques. Assassins are supposed to have stealth skills. This is simply impractical.

We can upgrade the abilities of both characters by obtaining skill points. This makes it kind of an RPG. It’ll be interesting to see how UbiSoft will handle RPG elements in a game that has been only action n adventure till now. Ubisoft has still not said anything about the game being a total RPG. If the game were to be an RPG it could either be trash or could be one of the best Ubisoft games.

The AC siblings
The AC siblings

You must be wondering at the usage of the word trash. Yeah you heard it right. An RPG is supposed to be playable in many different ways. And in an RPG the way you do things matters. But making an Assassin game an RPG will open new possibilities. You could do things in many ways but an assassin is supposed to complete the mission without major consequences and this is where almost all the games in the franchise have failed.

The previous major title, Assassins Creed Unity had been a major disappointment and this does not help Syndicate. The franchise started losing its main theme-Assassins vs Templars after Assassins Creed Revelations and by AC 4 it had turned into one of the mediocre games which was just another game in the shelf. This game doesn’t feel different. It also has the personal revenge and controlling gangs type of story.

Just to sound balanced. I have to sat that the gameplay seems smooth and the introduction of the Batmanish grapnel also seems nice. This time around Ubisoft has said that they are dedicating a whole team for the PC port and the PC gamers can expect a pretty clean port. Let’s see if Ubisoft lives up to it’s word.

Assassin’s Creed Syndicate will be releasing on October 23, 2015.  What do you think of the next Assassin’s Creed. Are you already disappointed, or are you excited, let us know in the comments.

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