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We still remember having a lot of options for racing games as kids. We had many bike and car racing games which were fun. But there was one game which made us feel stuck to our seats while playing, yes we are talking about Road Rash. The awesome bike racing game we used to play. Ironically it was not the racing part, but the violent in-game fights and weapons which were far more interesting. Kicking the opponents while driving, snatching others weapons, driving at high speed, multiple locations, varied characters all of this was so much fun which generated a special bond with the game.

What if I say that we are again getting the chance of reliving our childhood? Its true” Road Redemption” is the game we all have been waiting for. It is an upcoming vehicular combat racing video game being developed by Pixel Dash Studios and EQ Games as a spiritual successor to the Road Rash series of vehicular combat racing video games. The final release of the game for Microsoft Windows, OS X, and Linux is planned on October 4th, 2017. Console versions of Road Redemption are planned for 2018.

It can be straightaway called the spiritual successor of the Road Rash series. Frankly speaking we are in a phase where players are not quite comfortable or rather confident about racing/combat hybrids as we have seen games like “Split/Second” and “Blur” fail commercially.

So when we get a game like Road Redemption we generally go skeptical about it. But the developers have many tricks up their sleeve. Thus to reduce the doubts from the mind of the players, an in-progress version of the game was made available through Steam Early Access.

Coming to the gameplay we will be getting the same feel of the original Road rash but with far better graphics, new weapons, gravity defying stunts and modern gameplay mechanics. The game has not only upgraded itself according to the modern mindset of the players but has also kept alive the nostalgic feeling of the old game. The game has introduced new weapons including variety of guns, explosives and melee weapons, it has also added multiple landscapes with variety of challenges which will pester the riders at each point and also a dedicated storyline which is much interesting. The game has an added feature of the split screen multiplayer mode, including the computer-based ones, which is generally rare among other games.

The steam early access of the game received favorably good reviews and is considered as a well rounded successor of its inspiration. But still there are some glitches in the game which are expected to be covered up when the full version of the game goes live. The game for sure is still considered as fast, crazed and violent as its obvious inspiration.

Considering the modern technology and the advancement in the gaming mechanism, Road
Redemption is still lurking far behind from perfection but the attachment of the players to the original game will surely encourage them to add this particular reboot to their collection atleast for the old times’ sake.

What do you feel about the game? Is a reboot at this point of time a good idea? Please let us know in the comments.

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