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Nightdive Studios, the developers of the upcoming System Shock remake, has recently implied that a Switch port might be in the works.

In the latest Kickstarter update, a Discord Q&A session was embedded which asked if the game is looking to broaden its platforms, to which Nightdive replied:

There is hardly any doubt that this “popular platform” will be none other than Nintendo’s latest success project the Switch. The update contained some other tidbits of information, including backer rewards, Cyberspace development, as well as the possibility of alpha and beta testing before the title’s 2020 release.

System Shock, released by Looking Glass Technologies in 1994 has been regarded as the progenitor of today’s story-based action games and enjoys a classic status among other industry giants. The remake by Nightdive studios has recently come out of a hiatus and development is proceeding at an even pace.

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