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After two months in closed beta, team-based tactical shooter Valorant was finally released on June 2 – and fans already want to know what Riot has planned for its future! Riot’s new dev diary by Executive Producer Anna Donlon has revealed crucial information about the rollout of new content.

Content will be divided into Episodes which will last six months each. New maps and gameplay features will be launched alongside. There are currently four maps in Valorant – Haven, Ascent, Bind, and Split.

Episodes will consist of three Acts of two months each, and the battle passes will be tied to it.

There are going to be new modes coming too – but the exact specifics of whether it should be launched with an Episode or an Act has not been decided yet. Currently, there are two modes – Normal and Ranked (released on June 24) – with Standard and Spike Rush matches.

A new agent will be introduced in each act – taking the total to six every year. There was a small tease of the twelfth agent too, albeit only a silhouette – name and powers were not revealed.

Some QoL changes are also on the way – early surrender, remake games, and timeouts. The last patch 1.02 made some changes to the agents, minor updates to guns and maps and also fixed a few bugs.

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