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The Re: Zero -Starting Life in Another World- virtual reality experience , which started out as an iOS and Android in Japan, is coming to PlayStation VR and Steam VR in Japan this winter, publisher Gugenka confirmed at a hands-on experience event earlier this week.

The smartphone release of Re: Zero -Life in a Another Wo

rld in VR- was divided into four separate releases two that let you sleep in Emilia or Rem’s lap, respectively, and two that let you sleep beside Emilia or Rem, respectively. Each installment also includes a “figure appreciation” mode in which you can view each character in three different scenes from any angle. Each version is priced at 960 yen.

The PlayStation VR and Steam VR release, however, will be released in two bundle versions: one that lets you sleep in Emilia’s lap or sleep beside her, and another that lets you sleep in Rem’s lap or sleep beside her. Each will cost 2,160 yen.

But the real question is would you be buying it to be with your waifu?


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