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It’s not an understatement when we say that the once fan favorite Remedy Entertainment has fallen short in their relationship with PC gamers. The delayed PC launch of Alan Wake, as well as the various technical problems that plagued the PC version of Quantum Break has strained community relations of the once legendary studio. But Remedy is ready to make amends with their upcoming Control.

Remedy’s communications director, Thomas Puha, has stated the company wants to things right and prove that Remedy will always put PC platform above, all as well as make a game that is visually and mechanically stunning.

“You always build on PC first, but then you lock it down to certain specs that reflect what the console versions will be. We’re in a pretty good place,” Puha said.

“We announced that we are going to have RTX  (raytracing) support for PC, at least for the people who have the relevant cards. We’re definitely making sure that the PC version is well catered for. On Quantum Break, our reputation did take a bit of a hit and we want to make sure that when Control comes out in 2019, the PC version will be as good as it can be.”

We are certainly looking forward to Control and hope to see Remedy rise as a dominant force in PC gaming once again.

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