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One of the most intrguing game coming out of the Microsoft E3 conference last year (2015) was Recore. And finally the game comes out this month on the XBox One.

Recore will be releasing on 13 September 2016, on the Xbox One and Windows 10.

ReCore is an action-adventure shooter game played from a third-person view, centering around Joule and her robotic companions, whose function is to aid her in combat and puzzle solving; these six types of creatures are amenable to improvement, should players find the blueprints and materials to do so, which grants upgrades to their attack and defense.

Players can level up Joule’s weapons and vitality. Ranged weapons have four kinds of ammunition distinguished by color, each with a purpose to take down the enemy with a matching color.

Furthermore, if one of Joule’s companions matches the color of an enemy, it will thus inflict more damage in combat. Joule also wields a grappling hook that she uses to navigate across platforms and extract her enemies’ energy cores. Removing a power core from one location to another and high-flying environmental challenges represent the puzzle solving.

The plot involves one of the first brave volunteers for the Far Eden colony, Joule Adams, waking up after centuries in cryo-sleep to find that nothing has gone according to plan. With her trusty Corebot companion, Mack, Joule begins her adventure in Far Eden to save mankind from a terrible fate

Chad Seiter, who worked on arrangements for “Pokemon: Symphonic Evolutions” and “The Legend of Zelda: Symphony of the Goddesses”, is composing music for the game. On January 4, 2016, Microsoft announced that ReCore would also be released for Microsoft Windows, but also implied that the game had been delayed.

Will you be picking up Recore this month? What do you think of the game. Let us know all this and more in the comments.

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