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Raji : An Ancient Epic officially gets another trailer at GDC 2019. The trailer shows the reworked version of the game with some of the blazing first action it promises.

Raji : an Ancient Epic sets the player into the feet of Raji, where an young girl is chosen by the Gods to protect humanity from the demonic invasion. A gripping story where Raji’s quest to save her brother turns her into a protector of humanity from the Demon Lord Mahabalasura.

                     The game had been nominated as part of the Unreal Awards, and had been eligible for a round of grants from none other than Epic Games, the makers of the Unreal Engine, the engine in which Raji is being made.

                                                                     An official release date hasn’t been announced yet with the Steam listing stating “Available Q1 2020”, though an updated demo is likely to make its way to its Steam page pretty soon.

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