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Raji : An Ancient Epic – the first game made by an Indian indie developer, officially made its debut during Microsoft’s E3 conference. Raji : An Ancient Epic becomes the first Indian game to ever make it to E3!

The game will feature prominently as they will be working with Microsoft for bringing the game to the consoles and the PC. While the details on the number of platforms targeted are obscure, the game is expected to be an Xbox exclusive, but will be coming to the PC as well.

Shortly after the Microsoft E3 conference, Raji : an Ancient Epic was nominated for the Unreal Awards 2018 under the Unreal Underdog category, which is a list of games from smaller developers focusing on the gameplay experience for their customers, making it big during the E3 presentation.

Raji: An Ancient Epic is an action adventure game set in ancient India where Raji, an young girl, is set to challenge the demonic invasion of the human realm in order to rescue her brother, who was kidnapped by the demons. The game has an expected release date of Q1 2020, but has a playable demo ready for anyone wanting a feel of what the game looks and plays like here.

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