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Armello, the Kickstarter-funded fantasy digital board game from League of Geeks, so I thought you’d be interested to know the title is available today for PlayStation 4, Windows, Mac and Linux.


The final release build improves upon the 93% positively-rated Early Access version by increasing the number of playable characters from four to eight, adding a winter-themed tile set, overhauling the graphics while maintaining the game’s beautiful art style and revamping multiplayer matchmaking.

Armello takes players to a vibrant magical world tinged with darkness where they must challenge the insane lion king for the throne before the kingdom falls into ruin.  After choosing a character from one of four animal clans, each with their own strengths and weaknesses, gamers quest and fight for the crown as they brave dangerous perils, the king’s guards, evil banes and each other.

We covered Armello recently, when it was showcased at E3 2015. Armello was also one of the 3 candidates for the PlayStation Plus Game for the month of September, losing out to Grow Home in the polls. We have enjoyed whatever we have seen of the game recently; and are sure that you would be enjoying the game as much as us, now that its out.

So check out the launch trailer, fire up the platform of your choice, and buy Armello. See you on the other side.

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