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Bread and Fred, the co-op platformer developed by Sand Castles Studio and published by Apogee Entertainment, climbs into view with a new demo on Steam for PC featuring remote play just in time for the holidays, before swinging towards launch in 2023. 
Wrap up in some scarves, grab your best bud, and work together on a momentous co-op journey to help adorable penguins, Bread and Fred, reach the top of the snow-capped summit. Get in sync and jump on 3, clinging and swinging across platforms, ledges, and gaps. Triumph over every hurdle in a winter wonderland that is equally as cute as it is challenging.
The thrill of victory and the agony of defeat are attached at the hip, but which friend will be the weakest link? Hold on tight with Bread’s little penguin flippers and anchor to the ground as Fred times the perfect swing to clear massive gaps, pulling their companion up the ledge before gravity drags them back down the slippery slopes. Don’t get cold feet! Take the lead or take orders when planning a path upwards, and talk things out before every attempt. 
Inspired by popular single-player platformers, Bread and Fred takes the challenge to new heights by introducing the cooperative element of two pals forever-connected on their way to the finish line. Put friendships to the test and keep calm on the way up (and down) the mountain. 
For the coolest duos with ice in their veins, take on the ultimate challenge in Speedrun mode to claim the title of fastest penguins on the planet. Friends giving you the cold shoulder? Trade one penguin for a trusty rock and solo-swing your way up icy peaks in a tricky single player experience.
“Formidable platformers have always put skills to the test, but our friends at Sand Castle Studios found an amazing way to incorporate a team element, making for a surprisingly original experience,” said Scott Miller, CCO and Founder of Apogee Entertainment. “Every playtest we’ve seen has been full of laughter, yells, and high-fives between friends when they completed a hard jump together. Bread and Fred is a one-of-a-kind experience that brings out both the best and the worst in players, and we can’t wait to see the hilarity that ensues when gamers get their hands on the latest demo!”
Bread and Fred’s demo is available now on Steam for PC, and the full 1.0 launch in 2023. To learn more about Bread and Fred and SandCastle Studios, visit the official website, and keep up with Apogee Entertainment by following their FacebookInstagramYouTube, and Discord.
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