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Well, after those demanding system requirements, here’s another shock for the Quantum Break PC fans.

Aaron Greenberg, head of Xbox marketing, on a recent episode of Major Nelson Podcast said that Quantum Break won’t be available on Steam, he stated “Quantum Break on Windows 10 is a windows store exclusive”. He is pretty confident that developer, Remedy Studios, has made another fantastic game by calling it a Xbox ‘masterpiece‘. He also mentioned that the game will share save files of achievements across Windows 10 and Xbox One as it’ll carry on both.

And, obviously, I’m not shocked by this move as it makes sense that Microsoft wouldn’t want to sell their game through their ‘Store’ competitor, Steam.

Well, it arguably only shows Microsoft’s insecurity about their Store’s sales as they ditch Steam, knowing that it has lots of users, if they want greater sales number for the game(which I think they don’t!) they’ll definitely let it up on Steam but they won’t. So we can only hope for good now and don’t forget Quantum Break will strikes on April 5 simultaneously on PC and Xbox One.

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