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PUBG Lite has already expanded to South East Asia and Bangladesh in February, followed by Hong Kong, Taiwan and Macau in March. Recently, the game even made it into Brazil and Turkey. There are already quite some signs that PUBG Lite’s next phase of expansion is definitely going to involve India. A picture from the official PUBG Lite official India Facebook page shows a picture of the Taj Mahal, with the “Coming Soon” written over it.

Word about PUBG Lite coming to India has already reached some of the leading streamers of India. Streamer DannyS (aka Dhanur Sharma) was seen talking about it on his Discord channel.

Even Gamerconnect, an event held in the various metros of India to promote gaming as a whole, had mentioned it on a post when they were promoting an event in Kolkata. The event even promises to giveaway cosmetics for the game to anyone who wishes to start (or continue).

Considering the fact that India formed one of the largest markets for the mobile port of PUBG, bringing PUBG Lite to the masses in the country is going to be a priority for Tencent. Most players here like the mobile port, and would love to try it on their PCs, but they do not have a strong enough PC to play it. PUBG Lite coming to India should officially bridge the gap between the PC players and their mobile counterparts.

An official release date has not been announced, though it is sure to come through soon, some time or another.

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