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During Capcom’s recent Mega Man 30th Anniversary livestream, the publisher announced that both the Mega Man Legacy Collection bundles will be coming to Nintendo’s hybrid console next year.

Both are bundles featuring Capcom’s beloved Blue Bomber’s NES & Super NES adventures in high definition (and also include extra goodies like artwork, music, challenges, etc). The first one is a collection of Mega Man games from 1 through 6 and originally launched for the PS4, XB1, 3DS and PC last year. Meanwhile Mega Man Legacy Collection 2 contains the remaining four Mega Man games – 7 to 10 – and released for PS4, XB1 and PC earlier this year in August. On the Switch, both will be compatible with amiibo (similar to the 3DS collection that unlocked additional challenge stages).

Capcom also announced that a Mega Man X Collection is in the works for PS4, XB1, Switch and PC next year, in addition to the newest installment, Mega Man 11 which is also slated for next year.

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