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The Indian FGC, a closely knit community that was formed approximately 12 years ago, consisting of over 200 members who have had international representation, will be hosting the biggest ever community initiative in the form of an offline tournament in Bangalore at AGamer located in Jayanagar 09th Block (Banner attached) on May 19th and 20thAGamer belongs to none other than one of the OG’s of the Tekken Community, Anurag Singh. The event has been acknowledged by the Global Fighting Community itself too, so it’s one of these events to definitely look our for.
Sudhanshu Sharma, a veteran Street Fighter player who’s a part of the Indian Fighting Game Community is one of the organizers of the eventThe key feature of this tournament is that there are no restrictions as such for international participants and it is absolutely free which has grabbed the attention of our well known neighbors – The Bangladeshi FGC. As of now, the registrants` number stand at 31 out of which see 7 are Bangladeshi. 
The winner of this tournament will get to represent his country at SEAM 2018 which is a Capcom Premier Event being held in Singapore in the month of Oct, 2018. So, India’s pride and honor is defintely at stake as some of the pro players of Bangladesh are gonna give our Indian crowd something to cheer for. Let’s see which country prevails and wins the coveted prize as well the honor to represent the nation.
Key players to look out for – Bharat, Mayank, Bhagwant, Aman Ahuja, Aditya Verma & Ayan (Indian FGC)
Key players to look out for –  Maruf, Omaer, Atiur, Iftekar, Rizwan, Raihan & Nasir (All Bangladeshi FGC players)
1st – Sponsored trip to participate in SEAM 2018 CPT Regional Finals
2nd – Rs 7,500
3rd – Rs 5,000
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