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UPDATE: This wasn’t a bug, it was done when Steam games became taxable in India. Some publishers chose to adjust the price, whereas others, like Ubisoft chose to simply maintain their prices. With the added taxes (all digital commodities sold in India are taxable now), the prices have increased quite a bit. The base prices appear to be changed too, and the prices might have been increased to prevent people from other nearby countries purchasing it and redeeming on their accounts. Ubisoft should have been happy with the restrictions on gifting imposed by Steam, and not hamper an entire market for preventing fraud, but it’s of no use saying that now.

UPDATE: This article has been updated in light of the evidence we have received and has been trimmed of speculations.

Soon after Steam started recognizing INR as a valid payment options, there seems to be an issue where the prices for some Ubisoft games have increased. First believed to be a normalization of prices dues to Indian taxes, it was noticed that the prices had increased only for the 2 recently released games from Ubisoft. Namely For Honor and Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Wildlands.

The price of For Honor was 1799, and Ghost Recon Wildlands was 1799, while the deluxe editions used to cost 2499 and the gold editions used to cost 3999 each. The new prices for the games are 3499 for the standard edition, 4199 for the deluxe edition and 5999 for the gold edition(all figures in Indian rupees).

One of our trusted source got in touch with the official Ubisoft page, and asked them why the spiking in prices occurred. Their answer was both non-committal and expected as they confirmed that they don’t control the STEAM pricing. You can check out the screenshots from the conversation below.

Another source verified that it wasn’t only Ubisoft which had increased their prices, but Ubisoft being a bigger name is getting singled out. While that may be true, the reason behind the hike remains a mystery.

We are still looking into it, and as soon as we get a word from Ubisoft, or any other reliable source, we will keep you updated. Let us know what you think of all this in the comments section.

  1. Actually, after talking with Steam support, it’s the publishers that control and set regional prices; could this article be updated with a followup?

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