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Absolver is one of our most anticipated games of the year due to it’s unique combat style and Devolver is offering a 10% discount on the title if you pre-order it.

Apart from that, GOG is adding a ton of value to the title by giving away a copy of Furi to anyone who pre-orders Absolver. Furi is a great title as we had stated in our REVIEW of the game and is tailor made for the hard game connoisseur. We also featured it as a MUST PLAY GAME IN 2016. An added incentive for anyone looking to pick this deal is that both games are DRM free (Obviously, GOG).

So will you guys pick this up? It’s undoubtedly a great deal with Furi having already proven it’s mettle and Absolver being published by Devolver is most likely going to be good.

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