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 POSTAL 4: No Regerts, an over-the-top comedic first-person shooter and the next entry in Running With Scissors’ classic franchise enjoyed by millions, adds Day 2 in the life of The POSTAL Dude to Steam Early Access and GOG with the “Tuesday Update” out today at 10 AM PT.

The delightful town of Edensin welcomes nihilists and do-gooders alike, including the more than 100,000 players assuming the mantle of the freshly homeless POSTAL Dude. The Tuesday Update expands the open world format with new insane opportunities like playing through a drug-induced hallucination while trans-speciesing into The Cat Dude, a feline scrapper with a clawful personality and love for pissing on foes.

The POSTAL Dude, voiced by Duke Nukem legend Jon St. John, braves dangerous drug labs as he journeys into the South-of-the-Border Land and engages with Cartel Padrino El Plago and his vicious gang, Los Oscuros. What’s more patriotic than helping slingshot desperate Americans seeking escape over The Wall™ into Mexico? Jajaja!

The Border Land is just one of the Tuesday Update’s new areas to romp through. After some shopping and soul-searching in the bustling retail sector of Edensin, head west for the Ghost Town. This dump of a shanty town—the real armpit of Edensin—has seen better days, but the POSTAL Dude’s creative brand of mayhem will liven things up. Deliver frontier justice with the new Ingram Mac 11 and the M-16.

Take advantage of the new fast travel system and leave your mark all over Edensin with the Spray Paint Can. Moonlight on the other side of the law with the Handheld Ticketer, ruining the day of illegally parked Edensin residents. As Cat Dude, reach secrets only a cat dude can, climbing pipes and fences beyond The POSTAL Dude’s mortal limits. Tuesday is HUGE and delivers fear and joy with lovely new toys for all.

“Just like in real life, every new day brings new opportunities, so we wanted Tuesday to be a monster load of mad fun,” said Vince Desi, founder of Running With Scissors. “The shit that goes down in Tuesday’s gameplay is beyond comical and will make you piss your pants.” Case closed.

The Tuesday Update for POSTAL 4: No Regerts launches today at 10 AM PT on Steam Early Access and GOG for PC. For more on the crazed life of The POSTAL Dude, check out the official website and follow Running With Scissors on TwitterInstagramYouTubeFacebook, and Discord.

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