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PUBG Mobile has proved to be a turning point for gaming as a whole in the subcontinent, reaching out to people who never would have cared about it otherwise. PUBG’s entry into mobile proved to be a turning point for mobile gaming as a whole, and it is something which is going to stay, like it or not. We had professional teams like Signify and Entity Gaming expand into PUBG Mobile for testing the grounds for future tournaments, and it hasn’t been a disappointment. Following in their steps will be Portal Esports, who has announced a new four-man squad for competitive PUBG Mobile.

Portal Esports’ new squad has had decent performance in many recent tournaments in the Pakistan esports scene, including a top 50 finish in the World Leaderboard rankings in Europe, as well as decent performances in local tournaments like GameBird 2019, Ramadan Esports League 2019 and the Pakistan Cyber Games Tournament. They were also the regional finalists for the international PUBG Mobile Club Open 2019.

Portal’s PUBG Mobile squad now consists of:-

Ali ‘KhaN’ Khan

Farhad ‘Rage’ Yousef

Hambat ‘W0lf’ Abid

Ali ‘Vegeta’ Sher


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