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How often, while starting at a blank loading screen, we wonder about how we need to actually get a job to buy more games and better hardware (which is true especially for the teenagers, who are dependent on their parents for their needs)? How time spent winning rounds in a ranked or competitive match, or the endless planning for winning the ranked match, could have been devoted to earning some money? Fret no more, because now you can earn while playing competitively in the games you like! PlayVig is a service that allows you to do exactly that.

PlayVig allows you to earn money while playing competitively in the games you know and love.

The PlayVig client is a pretty simple one, and prizes work in a pretty simple manner. There is a currency called V-coins which need to be earned while playing games. However, simply logging hours in games won’t work –  V-coins are earned through achievements completed while playing games. These achievements are given to you by the PlayVig client itself, and need to completed in their respective games, for you to earn the points.

PlayVig gives you certain tasks to complete in-game (like securing a required number of wins) in exchange for V-coins.

V-coins earned can be redeemed on the PlayVig store for wallet codes, in-game DLCs, and even in-game items. Anything can be redeemed, as long as it is in stock, and as long as you have enough V-coins for redemption. A brief glance at the V-coins awarded by quests, as well as the V-coin costs of items on the market does mean that prices are pretty fair, and if you’re regular with doing the ‘quests’ or ‘achievements’ given on the PlayVig client, you can easily redeem those V-coins and enjoy one hell of a payday (or at least it seems so).

The PlayVig store allows you to redeem V-coins for in-game items, wallet codes, DLCs, and whatnot.

How do you actually earn the money? Well when you opt for redeeming your V-coins, you are asked to enter a valid verified PayPal email. When you do that, you receive an amount in your PayPal equivalent to the cost of the items you are withdrawing (all prices in US dollars). While this isn’t going to be much, getting something back for your time in gaming is certainly worth it.

If you wanted to know how they earn their money back, the simple answer is : advertisers. Companies pay for advertising through PlayVig, and a small portion of the profits are given to you as rewards for viewing their advertisements. Whenever you want to start a quest, an advertisement is shown, after which the quest can be done.

The PlayVig client shows an advertisement when you start quests.

Currently, the client supports only Hearthstone, Overwatch and Rocket League, but PlayVig is planning to expand into Counter Strike : Global Offensive, DOTA 2 and League of Legends.

What are you guys waiting for? Are you ready to farm those V-coins while improving your competitive skills in game, and earn some cash in the process? Download the client from playvig.com and get started.

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