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Fortnite is one of the most popular games of our time, and given how much gamers love the battle royale genre, we can safely say that this discipline will be popular for many years to come. So if you just now decided to try it, don’t worry. You will have enough time to put into practice all the tips that we will write about in our article.

Rank system

This is a great motivation to play better because we all want to be at the top. It is often difficult to do this on your own, so players order fortnite ranked carry from professional gamers. This saves players time. When players achieve a higher rank, it gives players a competitive advantage. Of course, higher ranks often come with exclusive rewards and content. Thanks to participation in raising the rating, the player gains new skills and fights with more experienced opponents.

Rarity scale

Before you go to the fields of Fornite, remember that the game has such a system as a weapon rarity scale. In other words, if you pick up a gray cannon, you can be sure that the map is full of them, and if necessary, you will find a replacement for it. But the rest (green, blue, purple, and gold, in order of increasing rarity) are less common. They are generally much more powerful and effective than others. Therefore, if you find a gold RPG or SCAR, then try to find a place for them in your inventory. The game also has digital features. When you aim at a weapon, you can always see and compare its performance to make your choice.


Fortnite, like any other online shooter, requires the player to play with headphones. Believe me, it improves your ability to navigate in space. You will be able to hear opponents much better with headphones than with speakers. This will allow you to live a little longer, which will also increase your skills. You can choose among the best gaming headsets, but if you don’t want to spend too much money on it you can just use the usual headphones.

Grenades, bandages or protective potions

If you want to win more often, be sure to keep grenades, bandages, and protective potions on hand. Even better, put some of this on your dashboard. For example, defensive potions will help you take a more advantageous position if you are caught by surprise. Grenades will help destroy enemy structures, especially if they are built incorrectly. Bandages are a heal and will also be useful during the retreat.


Many beginners make the same mistake, namely, they give away their location by cutting down trees. Of course, wood is one of the most important resources in the game, but instead of breaking them completely, leave them some health. This way you will get plenty of wood, and your location will not be revealed.

Battle Pass

Like many other modern games of this kind, Fortnite has a battle pass that will give you access to some rewards (for example, skins). Fortnite announced Battle Royale mode in 2017. All you have to do is buy the cheapest pack of V-Bucks, which costs about $10, and then, with your Fortnite account, you will receive your rewards consistently.

A pickaxe is a universal weapon

There are situations when beginners simply build themselves up in textures and then don’t know how to get out of there. This is not a problem at all. The pickaxe is a unique weapon in Fortnite that, in any case, will pave your way to freedom. However, beware of making unnecessary noise (it will be marked with a red circle), because other players may also come running towards you.

Variety of available items

In addition to skins, the game contains banner icons, gliders, harvesting tools, loading screens, contrails, emotes, dances, sprays, and much more. All this will be available in your locker. Well, you can choose them before each match, creating truly unique characters.

Studying the map

Exploring the map is one of the most important steps in Fortnite that affects victory. The combat laboratory mode will help you with this, where you can fully enjoy the map and study it completely. In the future, when playing, this will help you.

Loot on the move

Many beginners make the same mistake, namely, while farming resources, they simply stand in one place. This is completely wrong because at this moment you become an easy target for the enemy. But if you train yourself to collect loot on the move, then it will be very difficult to hit you and you will never be killed with 1 shot.

To achieve success in Fortnite, it is important to know the characteristics of different guns, their location, and effective ways to use them, as well as construction and proper positioning. Your chances of winning are slim because you have to outwit 99 other players, and not all of them are newbies or weak players. Learn from the mistakes and successes of other players – and then you will occupy TOP 1 permanently.

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