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Playstation Plus prices to be slashed in India from May, one year subscription to be priced at 2,999!

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We have some good news for all Indian playstation users! Due to ‘market conditions’, Sony will be slashing the price of all PS+ subscriptions come May 1st. Sony revealed this exciting news to current users of the online service via automated mail.

Here are the updated prices;

  • One year PlayStation Plus subscription, which now costs ₹4,439 will be reduced to ₹2,999
  • Three months will be getting slashed from ₹1,869 to ₹1,199
  • One month subscription will get cut down from ₹599 to ₹499

Other markets across the globe, including South Africa, are also seeing the membership price drop. A good decision to get the maximum out of PS5 sales in third-world countries I say!

Credit: Reddit user gtautorikshaw

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