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Critical Forge has just released a new feature overview video for Forged of Blood that highlights the core features and complexities of the game on YouTube as well as their newly launched Steam Store page – complete with brand new screenshots and videos.

Forged of Blood is also currently hosting an on-going beta test with a select handful of testers – with more keys and invites to be sent in the coming days and weeks. Their beta will run through to July 5th, 2019. Throughout the beta Critical Forge team will continue to actively engage testers on their Discord channel [https://discord.gg/pU843Jv] and will be working hard to make weekly updates to address fixes for the game.

Having been in production for three years, the unveiling of this feature trailer and their steam page is a proud milestone for the small team at Critical Forge and they look forward to sharing more about the vast complexities of their game as they approach their August launch period.

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