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Hypetrain Digital and Ink Stains Games today announced that the Steam Early Access release of their highly anticipated game, Stoneshard, is now available.
Blending traditional turn-based RPG combat with brutal roguelike challenge, Stoneshard initially debuted on Kickstarter, where it went on to more than triple its goal. Explore the open world of Aldor, a kingdom in ruin where danger lurks around every corner from ravaging bands of orcs, fanatical cults, and even the undead. But, a world in flames offers up ambitious adventurers ample opportunity to acquire coin, with a multitude of contracts and quests to fulfill, items to trade, and bounties to collect.
Taking nods from classic turn-based RPGs of the past, Stoneshard adds challenging twists to the mix, including a simple, yet unique, health system where players must mend not only their physical wounds, but also tend to their mental state. Wounds and broken bones can be treated with a plethora of potions and salves, but mental fortitude, or weakness, can result in either rushes of adrenaline to aid in battle or debilitating panic attacks at the least opportune times.
While the world of Aldor is fraught with dangers, adventuring heroes have at their disposal complete freedom in how they evolve and grow their characters with more than 200 unique skills and 400 items, all without class or level restrictions. Build a damage dealing tank or magic wielder or anything in between right from the start, making every single playthrough completely unique. For the truly brave, the game’s Ironman mode adds permadeath and the constant risk of complete and total defeat.
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