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As is the tradition over here at IndianNoob, we kick off the reporting of the new months, with all the new+FREE games that you can get this month if you are a PlayStation Plus member. So without further ado, lets get into it shall we?


unfinishedSwanThe Unfinished Swan

The indie darling known as Unfinished Swan is the first of the 3 free games that will be available to all PS 3 owners with a PlayStation Plus membership. Players explore a colorless world in search of a missing swan. They use paint to add detail to the environment and help them follow the swan. The game reinvents the puzzle and exploration mechanic, as players use splashes of paint to uncover new routes.


If The Unfinished Swan was creative, Hohokum is down right Acid trip. The player is a serpent that glides through surreal worlds and solve puzzles. There are no explicit tutorials so it’s up to the player to explore the environment and figure out the rules of each world and its puzzles. The colors, the music, the background, the animations are all hypnotic and trippy in their feel. Definately worth a shot along with some pot.


Race The Sun

A simplified racer where you get to fly a spaceship along procedurally generated tracks, trying to beat it before the sun sets. Why? Because the game dev decided its a good idea. They keep flying until they hit one of these hazards or the sun sets. Power-ups seeded throughout the level make it easier for players to keep racing the sun. By completing missions through their career, players will earn special abilities and bonuses.



On the PS4 sides of things. One of the games I was most looking forward to makes its way to the PS Plus lineup. Guacamele offers a side scrolling platforming and action adventure reminiscent of early arcade games with popping colors and upbeat music. Guacamelee! Super Turbo Championship Edition  is a 2D “Metroidvania” adventure with artwork inspired by Mexican folklore. The player learns a series of luchador attacks that they’ll utilize in both combat and platforming. For example, you might use an upper-cut and dash combo to cross a chasm.

etherOneEther One

And just when you think a luchador and a colorful snake were all the insanity in the PS Plus this month. Enter Ether One. A game where you need to enter the minds of the mentally ill; and relieve them of their afflictions solving a multiple variety of puzzles. The game dev had to remake the complete game on Unreal Engine before they could bring it to the PS4. Ether One follows the tradition of Velocity, and Valiant Hearts in becoming a PS Plus title on its launch.

PS Vita:


Murasaki Baby

We keep up with the weird and insane theme of this month, as we move to the PS Vita. Murasaki Baby is a side-scrolling platformer where players guide a young girl through a realm filled with nightmares. The player uses the touchscreen to remove obstacles from the girl’s path and lead her forward. The rear touchpad can also be utilized to alter the world’s atmosphere.


As always, all these games will be available for download upto the first Tuesday of the month. Which happens to be today. So if you like yourself some platformer and puzzles, I suggest you get to downloading.

This month’s games are definitely in touch with a theme. But I can’t put my finger on it, and its driving me ‘INSANE’. (See what I did there). None of the games is a AAA hitter, especially on the PS3 which is suprising. But overall I am pretty happy with getting Guacamele this month. Let us know, what you think of this off the beaten path offerings from Sony this May.

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