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Ouch. It looks like that not having a robust library of games isn’t the only criticism pointed against Sony’s Playstation Classic console. According to DSOG, the miniature console uses the popular open-source emulator PCSX to run the game using an in-house software. In case you didn’t know, PCSX is the most popular emulator for the original Playstation games and has been available on the PC for a long time.

What this means is that people who expected the “authentic” Playstation experience will be disappointed since some of the games emulated this way might have some slight audio-visual changes when compared to how the original looked and played.

Hence, people online have already started taking jabs at for this lack of effort and easy way out mentality. It’s also worth noting that Sony once tried to unsuccessfully sue a Playstation emulator called Bleem. Upon being unsuccessful, they bought the emulator and shut it down. So there is no surprise when we saw some folks call out Sony on this act of ‘hypocrisy’.

I guess Sony learnt the lesson that Emulators are not just used by pirates and could come handy even to huge corporations like themselves. Maybe it’s time for Nintendo to learn this hard truth.

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