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We had got a brief glimpse at the PlayStation 5 console during the PlayStation 5 digital event. Needless to say, with its sleek look and plethora of exclusives, Sony is already looking to dominate the next-gen console competition. One thing, however, that didn’t get announced was the pocket pinch for getting a next-gen console. A new leak from Amazon could have solved that minor problem – by leaking the potential price of the PlayStation 5.

The PlayStation 5 price has been supposedly leaked by Amazon France.

According to Amazon France, the physical version of the PlayStation 5 costs 499 euros, while the digital version has a price tag of 399 euros. The listing also showed a release date of November 20, 2020. Ever since the leak, the Amazon page was modified to remove the price tag as well as the release date – now marked as ‘coming soon’. There’s definitely the chance that the price used is only a placeholder based on the pricing of previous console generations – but that would definitely mean the actual pricing should be somewhere close enough.

Note that retail leaks generally have the least credibility, so take this not with a pinch but with a whole spoonful of salt. Amazon France had leaked potential game reveals before that did not have any truth in them.

Thanks, Hypebeast.

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