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NVIDIA has teased the new desert map of PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS,one of the hottest games making the rounds in the gaming industry (so hot that people are judging its entry into many awards lists for GOTY). The second glimpse does imply that the map is a long ranged one, with a lot of focus on long ranges combat, as a lot of sniping spots are present. This increases the focus on long ranged rifles like the Kar98k and the VSS, as well as scope attachments on high damage ARs.

This adds the icing to the cake, since the optimization improvements inbound to the game are going to bring in a lot of players, with added features like a different map adding to the entertainment of the players.

Still debating over how it isn’t GOTY worthy because it isn’t optimized or doesn’t have good features?  Sad.

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