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In a historical moment, which might be the beginning of a new era in gaming history, the PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS player count has surpassed that of Counter Strike : Global Offensive. The new battle royale shooter is proving to be not only a hit, but a huge hit among the gaming populace around the world.

This is also a symbol for the possible reduction in interest in Counter Strike : Global Offensive, where unnecessary nerfs and buffs to certain guns via updates, and a huge unregulated market in the form of cosmetics (or skins) as well as accounts itself occur under Valve’s watch itself, leading to an increasing influx of hackers into the game, forcing the good players to shift to other games.

This also means a non-Valve game has actually made it to the top 3 played games in Steam. This marks a historical moment, considering that the game is only in Early Access, and already it is so well accepted among the people.

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